Famous Freemasons

The following is a short list of well-known Freemasons. Whether or not history remembers them as “famous,” thousands of unnamed Masons have gone on to achieve great things for themselves, their families, society, and their Lodges.

Aldrin, Edwin E. Buzz – AstronautBartholdi, Frederic A. – Designed the Statue of LibertyArmstrong, Neil – AstronautAutry, Gene – Actor
Baylor, Robert E. B. – Founder of Baylor UniversityBeard, Daniel Carter – Founder of the Sons of Daniel BooneBell, Lawrence – Founder of Bell Aircraft Corp.Bellamy, Ralph – Wrote U.S. Pledge of Allegiance
Berlin, Irving – EntertainerBolivar, Simon – South American Revolutionary, President of Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, and BoliviaBorglum, Gutzon & Lincoln – Father and Son who carved Mt. RushmoreBorgnine, Ernest – Actor


Byrd, Admiral Richard E. – Flew over North PoleCaballero, Bernardino – President of ParaguayChiang, Wei-Kuo (Wego) – Military Leader and Political Figure of the R.O.C.Churchill, Sir Winston – Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
Clark, William – ExplorerClemens, Samuel L. (a.k.a. Mark Twain) – WriterCobb, Ty – Hall of Fame Baseball PlayerColt, Samuel – Firearms Inventor
Combs, Earle Bryan – Hall of Fame Baseball PlayerDoolittle, General James – Famous U.S. Air Force PilotDoyle, Sir Author Conan – Writer: Sherlock HolmesFields, W.C. – Actor
Fitch, John – Inventor of the SteamboatFleming, Sir Alexander – Invented PenicillinFord, Henry – Found of Ford Motor CompanyGable, Clark – Actor
George VI, King – King of England during W.W. IIGibbon, Edward – Writer: Decline and Fall of the Roman EmpireGillett, King C. – Founder of Gillett CompanyGlenn, John H. – Astronaut
Godfrey, Arthur – ActorGrissom, Virgil – AstronautHardy, Oliver – Actor, ComedianHoban, James – Architect for the U.S. Capital
Hoover, J. Edgar – Director of the FBIHoudini, Harry – MagicianJenner, Edward – Physician, Scientist, & Inventor of the First VaccineKey, Francis Scott – Writer of the U.S. National Anthem
Kipling, Rudyard – WriterLake, Simon – Built first submarine successful in open sea.Land, Frank S. – Founder of the Order of DeMolayLindbergh, Charles – Aviator
Lipton, Sir Thomas – Founder of Lipton TeaMacArthur, General Douglas – Commander of Armed Forces in PhilippinesMayo, Dr. William and Charles – Began Mayo ClinicMaytag, Fredrick – Founder of the Maytag Corporation
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus – ComposerNaismith, James – Inventor of BasketballNew, Harry S. – US Postmaster General who established Airmail.Palmer, Arnold – Professional Golfer
Peale, Norman Vincent – Founder of “Guidepost”Penney, James C. – Found of J.C. Penney Company Inc.Pullman, George – Built first sleeping car on train.Revere, Paul – Famous American Patriot
Rogers, Will – ActorSarnoff, David – Father of T.V.Scott, Sir Walter – WriterShakespeare, William – Writer
Skelton, Red – EntertainerStanford, Leland – Tycoon, Industrialist, & Founder of Stanford UniversityStewart, Potter –
Supreme Court Justice
Stratton, Charles “Tom Thumb” – Entertainer
Wallace, Lewis –
Writer: Ben Hur
Warner, Jack – President Warner Brothers StudiosWayne, John – ActorWyler, William – Director: Ben Hur

  8 Signers of the U.S. Declaration of Independence (including John Hancock)
13 Signers of the U.S. Constitution (including Benjamin Franklin – Inventor, Scientist, and Statesman)
14 U.S. Presidents