Masonry Does Not Seek, It Must Be Sought

One of the ancient landmarks of the fraternity is that it does not solicit new members. Many good men over the years have had their feelings hurt because close friends whom they knew to be Masons never invited them to join Freemasonry. They did not know, of course, that these close friends were prohibited by Masonic law from issuing such invitations. A man must seek Masonic membership of his own free will and accord.

This circumstance has, as noted, caused some hurt feelings and, in some instances, even hard feelings. It can cause difficulty for Mason and non-Mason alike. It is naturally hard for a man to understand why his father, or his brother, or his very best friend, has never asked him to become a Freemason. On the other hand, a Mason can ache to urge Masonic membership upon someone particularly close to him, someone he knows would be a credit to the fraternity, but he is hemmed in by the Masonic law. So it could be reasonably asked why Freemasonry imposes this prohibition, why it will not permit its members to invite others to join them in Masonic membership.

The fraternity has always taken the stand that it would be impossible to draw the line if invitations to membership were permitted. Admittedly, with invitations it would gain some good members. Most members would invite only those men who would be good Masons. But, some members would be ruled by their hearts and not their heads, often inviting men out of affectionate regard without properly considering their moral worth from a Masonic standpoint. Besides, the resourceful Mason can always find an opening in casual conversation to let certain individuals know that Masonry does not seek, it must be sought. Further bolstering the fraternity’s position is the indisputable fact that the man who becomes a Mason of his own free will and desire is much more likely to become a strong and useful member than is one who comes by invitation.


敬請每位申請者擬申請成為美生會的成員, 需要認真考慮一些事項。

申請者他應該有確實初步瞭解什麼是美生的概念,這也是本網站的主要目的之一,倘如申請者透過本網站已閱讀 相關資料或其他有關美生的資訊,申請者應該能夠確定, 個人是否能認同美生兄弟會,或是申請者是否真正想要成 為美生會的成員。美生精神不會滿足所有人, 例如,個人想法對美生會及精神不感興趣,或他未曾想要為成為兄弟會為大眾服務。


他應該審視自己的生活方式或決心, 確定自己是否適合成為美生會會員。

Just Everyday Men

From much that has already been said here, it could be assumed that Freemasons are prudes and will accept none but prudes into their ranks, but this is not the case. The fraternity recognizes the inevitability of human frailty and harbors no illusions about finding or creating perfect men. It only hopes to make good men better men.

A man is seldom rejected for Masonic membership simply because he is known to take an occasional drink, but he is virtually certain of rejection if it is known he is addicted to the bottle or that his occasional drink is cause for unseemly behavior.

The fact that a man is divorced is, in itself, not cause for rejection, but if he has abused his wife or their children he can forget about any likelihood of being accepted into Masonry.

If a man has at some time, despite his best efforts, gotten behind in his financial or other obligations, that fact likely will not be held against him; if he has failed to meet his obligations when capable of doing so he will probably be rejected by Masonry.

In summary, Freemasons will not knowingly elect bad apples into their order, they wish new members to be better men than themselves—at least as good. Masons do not claim to be or wish to be reformers, but they do believe a good man coming into the fraternity will become a better man as a result of his membership. Should you have interest in joining our fraternity, seek out a Mason and ask him for a petition.


一旦一個人決定成為美生會成員, 他必須其他正式會員推薦, 他的背景或資訊必須被調查。在一定的申請審視期後, 他的會員申請資格將在 定期會議上進行投票。投票是以無記名投票方式進行的, 需要得到全體一致贊成的選票( 其他條件詳述如下)。

為符合中國美生總會會員資格, 申請人必須:

  1. 出於申請人個人的自由意願和同意,
  2. 在過去的十二月內, 在中國 (臺灣, 中華民國) 美生總會的管轄範圍之內, 在最近的六月內, 你向中國美生總會轄下特定分會提出申請,
  3. 是20歲以上的男性,
  4. 相信世上有至高無上(現在或未來)存在的靈(例如佛,上帝,阿拉,各種宗教上神祇..等等),*
  5. 沒有犯罪記錄,
  6. 過去並沒有被世界其他任何美生會機構拒絕成為會員過。
  7. 最後, 申請書必須由至少兩個正式會員確認後公告, 並且未有任何正式會員成員反對。

* Masonry teaches that without belief and devotion to God, a man is lost. However, Freemasonry does not presume to dictate which religious faith he should practice. That is between the individual and God. Keep in mind Freemasonry is a fraternity, NOT A RELIGION.

Feel free to contact us if you have further questions or interest in Freemasonry.

Portions of this page from: Freemasonry Revealed by Reynold S. Davenport, 1983.
© The Grand Lodge of North Carolina, 2010